Building towards our long-term vision of a free-to-use, Gold standard, multi-sport academy.


India’s passion for sports is unmatched. Over the last few years, interest in watching and playing a multitude of sports has exploded across the country. Parents are more willing to introduce sports to their children and understand the positive implications sports have on them. The backbone of a great sports eco-system is quality infrastructure. More so, this infrastructure must be accessible to all without any financial or other implications. This will ensure we not only help produce sportspersons of an international standard but also provide access to the community at every level to participate, enjoy or train in the sport of their choosing.

The need of the hour is to develop sport infrastructure that meets these shortcomings and develop and maintain them in the long term interests of this sport loving country. Existing facilities are either too expensive to avail of or located too far away from the city to access on a regular basis. The economic, social, developmental, physical and sustainability benefits of developing high quality infrastructure and facilities are displayed around the world in countries such as China, USA and Germany.

The Dream Sports Academy will be a world-class, gold standard multi-sport academy in the heart of Mumbai featuring both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The Academy will be available free of cost to use for recreation and training to anyone and everyone that wishes to use it. The Academy will aim to benefit all those with an interest at playing or pursuing a sport and the community and sports ecosystem as a whole.