Helping budding and talented athletes realise their true potential and achieve their goals

Sustained success at a national and international level is a by-product of unconditional and focussed support, quality training facilities, world-class coaching and the development of a strong sports ecosystem
Dream Sports Foundation is determined to help budding and talented athletes achieve their true potential and bring laurels to the country and their family
We are dedicated to providing all the tools necessary to make this happen. Our own elite programs and those in collaboration with our partner organisations are designed and geared towards helping every sports person realise their goals and create stars of the future

Stars of Tomorrow Year 2

The lockdown and cancellation of sports events pushed our athletes to innovate and create new methods of training

The nutrition plan for all athletes was also modified to suit the reduced energy demands of their bodies during this period. The shutting of academies meant the lockdown period was slightly bittersweet for the athletes but it did not deter them from stopping training for their sport. Many coaches also shifted to coaching through a virtual medium.

The nutrition plan for all athletes was modified to suit the reduced energy demands of their bodies during this period. The shutting of academies did not deter them from stopping training for their sport.

Professional golfer, Pranavi Urs made a makeshift Golf driving net in her backyard using old blankets and practised hitting daily, to ensure she does not lose touch of her swing.

Ananya Dabke, Squash athlete turned her apartment complex into a training centre. She used a vacant parking slot for hitting. Her younger brother doubled up as a sparring partner and a fitness instructor.

Apart from that, the athletes also attended education sessions conducted under GoSports Foundation’s Athlete Education series where relevant experts shared their knowledge with the athletes on various important topics such as Mental Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, The art of Storytelling, Anti-Doping and more. This was conducted in order to educate the athletes regarding various other aspects which may help them in their sporting careers. Swimmers Advait Page and Khushi Dinesh completed the Level1: Anti-Doping certification by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency). 

Before the nationwide lockdown was announced and the international flights were cancelled, we had 3 of our athletes training abroad. Pranjala Y(Tennis) in Australia, Nethra Kumanan (Sailing) in Spain and Yash Fadte(Squash) in England. Pranjala and Nethra decided to stay back and continue training in the academies. We coordinated with their academies and coaches to ensure they are being provided with extra care. Yash Fadte expressed the desire to get back to Goa and be closer to his family. We were able to liaison with the Indian ministry and the British Embassy to get him back safely.

Stars of Tomorrow Year 1

FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports) launched the Stars of Tomorrow (SOT) program in association with Dream Sports Foundation and GoSports Foundation in 2018.
Stars of Tomorrow (SOT), aims to provide much-needed focus and propulsion to athletes in the age group of 14 to 21 across sports that haven’t been avidly promoted in the past in India such as squash, swimming, sailing, tennis and golf. This age group witnesses a high rate of athlete dropouts during their transition from junior to senior level player. FIFS and DSF aim to bridge this gap and provide support to young athletes who have the potential to compete in the national & international arena. The programme has been created with an aim to identify and support India’s future sporting talent in diverse set non-mainstream sports such as Sailing, Squash, Tennis, Swimming and Golf to name a few. Athletes selected under the programme would be offered critical support towards the fulfillment of their sporting goals. 168 entries were received from across the country, and after a rigorous selection process led by GoSports, who are the ‘Implementation Partner’ of this initiative, 13 talented athletes were selected to be a part of FIFS’ Stars of Tomorrow programme. Dream Sports Foundation, the primary contributor to this programme, pledged Rs.3 crores to support FIFS’ cause. The focus will solely be on empowering the athletes in the program in their journey towards achieving excellence in their chosen fields. Athletes selected under the SOT Programme will be offered crucial support towards the fulfilment of their sporting goals.
A remarkable accomplishment in year 1, the athletes won 74 medals – 44 gold, 23 silver and 7 bronze – in Swimming, Sailing, Squash, Golf and Tennis all in the span of one year.

Athletes in Action