Programs to facilitate participation and purpose at Grassroot levels across all sports.

Grassroots development is the need of the hour. Strengthening the bottom of the sports pyramid creates a foundation on which the sports ecosystem can be built and that can create long lasting impact
Participation and purpose at the grassroots level is the most important and yet least focussed on aspect of sport development today.
Dream Sports Foundation is aiming to reduce and eliminate barriers to entry and participation such as access to facilities, good quality coaching, infrastructure in schools and communities, focus on the love of the game and providing a pathway to anyone that desires to continue in the sport
Focus on youth inclusion and social development and building on life skills and identifying physical and mental health benefits of sport from a young age
We are looking to set up structured, expansive and impactful programs across all sports throughout the country

Hi5 Foundation

Our partnership with Hi5 Youth Foundation commenced in 2019, where we pledged our support over multiple years to provide professional basketball training to 200 talented, deserving and enthusiastic youngsters, living in the slums of Mumbai. We added 100 Girls and 100 boys to our extended family. These kids practice on a community court in Jogeshwari. We provided them with shoes and kits for better performance. 6 kids, including 2 girls, qualified for the Junior NBA team to represent Maharashtra